Hi, I'm Maddie Brown.

Raised in the bush, detoured to the coast for a short stint, and yet managed to find my way back to rural QLD - thank goodness.

Photography sparked my passion to share the beauty that is rural Australia, and those who are fortunate enough to live it, breathe it and advocate for it. The kids raised with a childhood like my own, the men who are out before sun up and not in until it has set, and the women who are right beside them doing it all and more.

Whether you find yourself in a rural location or a bustling metropolis - I strive to capture connection. I want that connection to transport those viewing it straight to that moment - complete with a crinkled nose smile, and a warm happiness. To trigger this nostalgia, my approach is relaxed, no awkward posing or forced smiles. Simply capturing the in-between moments.

Latest Work